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  • accessories

    Boost and improve your work productivity with our line of computer accessories. We offer a series of new and innovative devices to complement your lifestyle and work environment.

  • assembly

    Components and spare parts, our assembly line products will fit sub-manufacturers and people that would like to further manufacture their electronic devices.

  • networking5

    Alternatively known as electrical cords, lines, and connectors, connect and extend your devices through our cables. We offer a variety of connection and extension cables to smoothly transfer data and electrical signals to maximize your devices.

  • cctv

    Used to monitor places that need surveillance and security, CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras are a necessity to effectively safeguard your homes, offices and properties. We offer different models of CCTV cameras to help you find what fits best to your needs.

  • 11

    Providing smart solutions to remove the need of constantly changing devices and to avoid the headache of resolving device compatibility issues, converters are a necessity to anyone that wants to productively use their computer devices. Our converters will provide all-in-one solutions to help you maximize your time and effort.

  • networking2
    Networking Devices

    Every place is interlinked with tools, cables, and computers. Networking devices are devices that interlink your entire computer system. Focused on essential networking devices to help you manage your computer network, our products will help you optimize your work and productivity.