Solution’s H21 Trading Corp.


Business Type/s: Wholesale Distributor

Market Portfolio: Manufacturers, Corporate Clients and Retailers


Solution’s H21 Trading Corporation is a Manila-based electronic goods trading company. We specialize in the distribution of various electronic peripherals such as cables, adapters and other computer network accessories. Our company supplies good quality products, specifically, Data Cable and US Scientific Brand. Our products are sourced from reputable manufacturers from Taiwan, China and Hong Kong.


Company History

Solution’s H21 Trading Corporation (formerly H21 Marketing Inc., incorporated 2010) was established in 1993. The company started its business on selling computer cables to corporate and retailers in Manila. As of current time, Solution’s H21 Trading Corporation has since diversified into selling various lines of electronic goods such as network cables, computer adapters and consumer electronic accessories.


Future Outlook

Solution’s H21 Trading Corporation is constantly looking out for new and innovative products that can be introduced to the Philippine Market. With productivity, efficiency and reliability in mind, the company aims to continually introduce electronic goods that will improve the daily lives of our end users.


Contact Information

Office Address: 3125 Limay Street Manuguit, Tondo, Manila

Direct Line: +63 8986 4817

Fax Line: +63 8253 7201

Mobile: +63 925 878 8772

Website URL:

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