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Shop electronic accessories and gadgets in this section. Offering a variety of complementary products to your devices, these electronic accessories and gadgets can greatly improve your product’s usability and enhance your working environment.

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Surge Protector 6-Outlet 1Meter

SKU: PS005

Brand: US Scientific Specs: With Switch With Ground & Circuit Breaker 3 Prong Plug #AWG16

HDD(HARD DISC DRIVE) Docking Station

SKU: CH-328U21S


Wifi Smart Remote Socket

SKU: EP-3703

Anytime, anywhere remote control, no distance limitations , as long as there is wireless Internet WiFi living in an environment where you can achieve remote control switch.

US SCIENTIFIC Notebook Key Lock (1.5M)

SKU: NL140

BRAND: US Scientific

Digital Multi-Meter

SKU: DT9205A


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