Brand Generic
H21 Stock Code TG-828
H21 Stock Name Multi-Purpose Wire Tracker
Package Inclusion (1) Emitter 
  (1) Receiver
  (1) 9V Battery
  (1) Earphones
  (1) RJ11 Telephone Cable
  (1) Cable with Crocodile Clamp
  (1) RJ45 Network Cable
  (1) Instruction Manual
  (1) Black Tool Kit
  (1) Color Box


About This Product

  • Find wire signals on all types of connected operating ethernet Switch/ Router/ PC Terminal
  • Rapidly find the target wire among many telephone wires
  • Rapidly find the target wire among many network wires
  • Can take the place of a cable tester
  • Compares the volume of the tout sound and the brightness of the signal indicator to find the target wire that has the highest volume and brightest indicator


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