Other Converters Subcategory Description

Various electronic devices can be connected through converters and adapters. Offering more specific conversions to successfully transfer electronic signals and data, browse through the several products on offer to see what could provide the perfect solution to your electronic needs.

Other Converters

USB A M to Serial (DB9 M) Adapter 1ft.

SKU: UC310


USB Repeater Cable 5M w/ Active Booster

SKU: UC610

BRAND: US SCIENTIFIC This Powerful USB Extension Cable with Active Booster will be good to use as extension for Electronic Devices with High Power Like HD Drive, Web Cam, Barcode Scanner & Etc.

USB to Parallel Cable 2M (25 Female)

SKU: UP0052


USB to Parallel Cable 2M (Cent 36)

SKU: UP0051

BRAND: US SCIENTIFIC This Adapter will be use to Parallel / Centronics Type Printer via USB Port